Sunday, February 4, 2007


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Welcome to the Blobby Show!
This is the Animations page, where Blobby does his stupid show!
Remember, you have to watch all 15 of these episodes to banish Satan from Animation World!


Animation 1: The Banana: Part 1.- The First Animation. Blobby sees a banana...


Animation 2: The Banana: Part 2- The Banana come to life!!! AGHHH!


Animation 3: Dwayne: Dwayne isn't happy


Animation 4: Matt's Revenge: Matt is back for revenge!


Animation 5 Matt is back for revenge AGAIN!


Animation 6: Comet: A Strange comet lands in Clay World


Animation 7: Steven and Evan: This isReally dumb. Please don't watch


Animation 8: Dwayne's Birthday!: its Dwayne's birthday!

Thats all so far. Come back soon to see more Animations!

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