Sunday, February 4, 2007

Welcome to the Blobby Show!


Welcome. I am the creator of Blobby and animator of the Blobby Show, David.

I will give you a tour of The Blobby Show.

First, you will need to understand how Blobby and Clay World came to be.

Please click on this link to watch the Blobby Movie:




After watching this movie, you will get to know the importance of watching the Blobby Show.

I have created 15 pointless episodes and 8 episodes showing Blobby while he was still in clay world. So, have a great time in Blobby World!



David K said...

Hi. First Comment.
From David.

David K said...

Hi!!!!!!! Is anyone gonna leave a comment? :(

Steve R. said...

Hey Dave, when are you gonna make the episode with me? PLEASE DON'T KILL ME IN IT!

David said...

Hi steven.
Its david.
I watched the Spider thing it was pretty funny. I was watching Americas Funniest Videos and saw this. I also found it on youtube.

Steve said...

Hey David, Admin stuff on your forum still doesn't work for me.

Anonymous said...

the claymations were pretty good. but you need to work on the sound.

Tabitha said...

Well written article.